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I hardly used Facebook, after working briefly for the developer and Facebook Blackhat program. I found the platform to be a hazard. Being primarily from an infosec background, sharing accurate information wasn't something that I was comfortable doing. Facebook took off so well in the early days as an intelligence tool, why snoop for information on people when they would willingly share it. Facebook being a free platform, though endorsed by governments as a way to creep up on their residents. Example in older James Bond movies, you'd see 007 jumping from country to country

It's true I left Twitter before @TwitterSupport emailed me back, ah well. It was about time I anonymized myself online. Whilst I will keep my domain since moving I've had to get rid of a few tie-downs, which included Twitter accounts, businesses, and Facebook. Yet oddly people still follow that account, even though it's been irradicated. Now I can have an online personality without being stalked. On a side note, the weather here is lovely and I did keep well over 100 properties within the UK, collecting rent is the best business ever, as people

I myself many years ago received the full brunt of the law, when I made a slight error in my code and was treated like Aaron Swartz, I fully understand the pain that man went through and my heart goes out to his friends and family. I have never seen a application or website solely design to assess and help this community. Prior to George Floyd I was working as an analyst, however seeing the situation and reading many blogs I decided to switch sides. I wanted to help this community so I banded up