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Taz Ryder - BlueTeam

Why I chose to Help The Police Misconduct Community

I myself many years ago received the full brunt of the law, when I made a slight error in my code and was treated like Aaron Swartz, I fully understand the pain that man went through and my heart goes out to his friends and family.

I have never seen a application or website solely design to assess and help this community. Prior to George Floyd I was working as an analyst, however seeing the situation and reading many blogs I decided to switch sides. I wanted to help this community so I banded up with a team of like minded developers and utilized my software engineering skills and artificial development skills to help design a platform.

I’d say I’m from a good nature, I attended one of the top schools in the country achieving exceptionally high marks. However, with success comes envy and I have been the target to a few haters and trolls. But hey that’s the freedom of the internet and everyone is in there own way entitled to their own opinion, I’m not a dictator.

Everyone can stand on the outside and make remarks on how the system could change, but it is very rare for a person to experience both sides of the coin. None of my peers have ever been in trouble with the law, well none of my white friends, black, Asians and colored have a different story to tell. The UK in some parts is a very racist country. I have seen people get arrested and thrown in jail for very simple offenses and had they a better education or background things might of been different. Do I think this is right? No not at all.

I don’t judge people on their past, as if I did… well I wouldn’t like myself very much. People have asked me why I never asked for compensation… I guess I’ve never really needed it, it’s not like my life is totally destroyed, or I’m part of a criminal gang or is a desperate financial mess. Yeah I guess I can be a snob about things but that’s just me. At least I’m a likeable polite snob. Liked by many hated by some, better than hated by many and liked by some.

When it comes to trolls, I can honestly state I’ve only had the one. But looking at my position and theirs. It usually boils down to jealously.

Since leaving the UK, I must say I’ve been happier and more relaxed, everyone here is for starters the same color as me. Changing my identity to John Smith was more of a strategic move. Good luck trolling a John Smith. lol Good Luck entirely,